What are the acceptable rent payment methods?

We accept a variety of methods, including but not limited to: certified cheques, post-dated cheques, bank drafts, money orders, pre-authorized account debit, online payment, email money transfer at etc.

Who is the rent payable to?

All rent payments should be made payable to “Pavilion Property Management, Inc.”

Is there any charge in case of NSF if I sign up for pre-authorized account debit?

Yes, there will Land Lord’s waiver of 2% rent discount which then becomes payable, in addition to the flat rate of $45 charged by the bank.

Who should I send the email money transfer to?

Please contact the property manager or email us so that we can set you up with the unique password known only by our property manager and you.

When is my rent due if I move-in around the middle of the month?

The rent will be prorated for from the move-in date until the end of the month and the monthly rent is always due the first day of the month.

What are the instances that I may require a co-signer to become eligible for my lease?

Pavilion Residences has zero acceptance policy on renting unit to anyone with history of bankruptcy within the last five (5) years or anyone with poor credit score. And even a co-signer and/or guarantor will not necessarily make the applicant eligible for the lease, however, it strengthens the application.

On the other hand, in instances that the applicant(s) is student or new comer to Canada, whereas no credit history may exist, a co-signer that could be a family friend or a parent can guarantee the lease payment for the term by co-signing the application and in most cases make a vital change in the applicant’s lease application result.

I’m a new immigrant and I do not have any credit history/score, can I still lease from you?

Yes, we do understand that everyone’s situation is different and we work with the applicants to understand their abilities and to ensure they’ve been given a fair chance, you may be required to provide us with you proof of funds or employment letter or any means that indicates your ability to

support yourself and service the twelve (12) months lease payment of the lease agreement, It helps very much have a local co-signer but it is not necessary.

Do I receive the unit clean or should I have it cleaned before moving in?

Pavilion will provide you the unit clean, free of all debris and dust, with all appliances in new conditions, You are require to also return the unit back upon the completion of the lease term in the same condition or there will be a cleaning fee of $150 charged.

What if something breaks in my rental unit, or the appliances stop working, should I pay for those?

No, Pavilion Property Management will repair or replace any item in your unit which was caused as a result of normal tear and wear and/or unforeseen circumstances, such as water leak damaging the flooring, or manufacturer’s defect. However, you will be deemed responsible for any damages caused to the rental unit, its chattels and/or fixture if such damage is found to be the result of misuse, abuse, negligence or willful misconduct.

Do I have to register my guest(s) with the property management / Super intendant?

Yes, safety and security of the Pavilion residents is our highest priority, and in order to prevent unauthorized access to the common elements of the property and to prevent theft and loss of other resident’s belongings, each and every person physically on the property must be registered with the property management office or that person shall be deemed as trespasser and will be removed from the premises. You can simply give a list of your regular visitors to the Superintendent to enter into our data base and thereafter, you won’t be required to notify us every time they visit you.

Am I responsible for my visitor’s actions and conduct?

Yes, Pavilion Residences is a Condominium and as per our condo rules and regulations, you are solely responsible for the conduct of your visitors, any damaged cause to the property by your visitor will be charged to you.

Where can my guest(s) park his/her vehicle?

We provide complimentary visitor(s) parking which is subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.

What if I can’t pay my rent on the 1st of the month?

The monthly rent is included with the condominium maintenance fees, it is an essential part of ensuring a well-organized and well-maintained property for you and all other residents, accordingly, Pavilion Residences holds a Zero Tolerance policy on late rent payment, whereas, in case of non-payment on the first of every month, you may be provided with a N4 notice (notice to end the tenancy agreement early due to non-payment) which gives you 14 days to pay the overdue rent, or vacate the property.

On the other hand, in case of frequent delays in rent payment, you may be provided with a N8 notice (notice to end the tenancy agreement at the end of the term) which gives the tenant sixty (60) days to vacate the property.

Is Pavilion Residences a pet friendly condominium?

Yes and No! As per our condominium rules and regulations, you are allowed to have service animals of any size and also to have small non-exotic pets of less than 10 kg (22 lbs); however, medium or large pets are prohibited on the premises.

How much notice is needed if I want to move out?

You must provide Pavilion Property Management, Inc. a sixty (60)-day notice in writing prior to the end of your tenancy which is to be the last day of your lease. Furthermore, if you are currently on a month-to-month basis lease, then the minimum sixty (60)-day notice should work in a way that the 60th day of the notice is the last day of any month. For example, if notice is provided on February 16th, then the termination date of a month-to-month tenancy will be April 31st.

Can I change my unit locks?

No, It is mandatory for the Superintendent and/or the property manage to have a copy of your main entrance keys as they may require immediate access to the unit in case of an emergency, such as fire.

Can the management, employees or designees of the property management enter my unit?

As per Residential Tenancies Act, Landlord is allowed to enter an apartment by giving 24 hours of notice which is subject to certain exceptions and conditions. However, no notice is required in case of an emergency and/or any condition where Landlord’s immediate rectification of the matter may jeopardize the safety of the building, property and/or other residents. An example of this would be a water leak that is leaking to the unit underneath or fire.