January 2022 – Security Camera Systems

After the successful installation of both interior and exterior security systems, Pavilion Residences has now taken extra measures to completely update their security camera systems – also located in the exterior and interior of all properties. Our cameras are recording 24/7 to ensure safety and security for all of our tenants.

2021 – New Re-landscaping

At Pavilion Residences, we pride ourselves in our modern look and feel for all of our tenants. We are pleased to announce that we have completely re-landscaped our properties and installed new interlock sidewalks, to allow swift and comfortable walking access to and from all of our properties. We’ve strategically cut down additional bushery and trees to allow clearer access. Brand new sod has been laid down on our grounds to encourage new floral growth for the spring and summertime. Because exterior appearance is equally as important as interior appearance, we at Pavilion Residences are always striving to continue our attention to both appearances, for our tenants to feel right at home.

2021 – Hallway Refresh

At Pavilion Residences, we take utmost pride in our interior appearance and environment for all of our tenants. Pavilion Residences is pleased to announce a freshly complete renovation of the interior and hallways in all of its properties. Tenants will now notice a completely new look and feel to the Pavilion Residences walls, ceilings, room doors, and hallways. We’ve additionally completely renovated the flooring for a modern and updated appearance. We always strive to provide our tenants and guests a warm and establishing feeling through our interior design.

September 2020 – Interior Security / Access Card System

Security is one of our top priorities when it comes to our tenants and guests. This is why as of September 2020, Pavilion Residences has now implemented a high-tech access card system throughout all of its infrastructure. This will allow interior access to card holders only. In addition, we have installed a key FOB system for the exterior of our properties, to ensure an extra layer of security for people entering and exiting our buildings. Tenants are also granted a garage door opener to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Security continues to be a very critical priority at Pavilion Residences, and we always strive to keep up to date with the latest security technologies.

2019 – Parking Garage Renovation

Pavilion Residences is happy to announce a successful new renovation to its garage systems. We take cleanliness very seriously, hence why we have ensured a thorough cleaning inside all of our garages, and in addition we have freshly painted our garage doors. We strive to continue delivering a warm and welcoming appearance to all of our tenants with vehicles.

August 18, 2017 – Fire Alarm Monitoring System

At the Pavilion Residences, maintaining the safety of the residents is our the first priority, therefore now the system is equipped with a Fire Monitoring System which is constantly monitoring other systems throughout the buildings such as the sprinklers, smoke detectors, bells and heat detectors which sends an automatic signal to a Signal Receiving Station which will be followed by Operators call to the Fire Department. However, The subject system to only add another layer of safety for the residents and is not to be seen as the primary means of informing the fire department in an unlikely event of fire, it is still every resident’s responsibility to call 911 immediately in such event(s).

November 16, 2016 – New Inverted Roofing System

Pavilion Residences is pleased to announce the installation of a new inverted roofing system using a licenced contractor by SOPREMA with 15 years of warranty. The new roofing system replaced the old system which was dated back to when the property was initially built and it is supposed to provide a 100% leak free and convenient shelter for all residents.

February 18, 2014 – Renovation of the lobby and all hallways

In an effort to provide a better home for all its tenants, Pavilion has completed a full main lobby and hallway renovations, the subject restoration of the common area is not to be followed by any rent increase above the Provincial Guidelines in an effort to thanks all tenants with their cooperation. The renovation of the common area was focused on safety by installing a fencing system in the rear and side of the building, installation of outdoor LED lights, anti-slippery tiles in the lobby, and also fifteen (15) cameras in the lobby, hallways and exterior section, in addition to changing from the traditional key entrance to the key FOB access system using proximity sensor and remote garage door openers.